Erase Keys

Do you know where your keys are?

Has one of the keys/remotes to your vehicle been stolen or gone missing?

Did you buy your car from a sketchy car lot and worry about who else may have a key to start your vehicle?


Does your ex still have a working key to your car?


Let Gladney Automotive Solutions ease your mind by clearing or disabling unaccounted-for keys that may be floating out there for your vehicle!

Taking the time out to make sure that you know where all your working keys are is often the best time to decide if you’d like to have extra keys made, but if you’re in a situation where you immediately need to revoke access to one of your car keys, Gladney is here to help!

(Please note that many vehicles require erasing ALL working keys and reprogramming in ones you’d like to continue using, so we would need any that you’d like to be operable at the time of service)